Chicago Lawndale AMACHI Mentoring Program (LAMP) is a community-based organization that connects youth in North Lawndale to screened, trained and culturally competent adult mentors who provide academic, social and developmental support. Our programs aim to break the cycle of generational incarceration by providing a safe and enriching environment to youth ages 4 to 18. Research shows that a positive and committed mentor can help fill the gaps that many youth experience living in challenging conditions. Through consistent mentoring, cultural enrichment activities and summer employment opportunities, we equip youth with tools and confidence to help them set and achieve life goals.

At LAMP, we believe all children have the potential to outshine their circumstances all they need is a little help, a little hope and someone to believe in them.



The mission of Chicago LAMP is to provide social, emotional, and academic support to children and youth in North Lawndale to empower them to overcome the challenges associated with environmental factors.


Our vision is to empower North Lawndale children and youth to achieve their full potential.