A child’s potential is unlimited when a positive mentor lights the path to a bright future!

100% graduate from high school and enroll in college
100% report higher self-confidence
97% want to help improve the community
95% is the average attendance rate of mentored youth
90% improve in math or reading by one letter grade
60% reduction in acts of misconduct

Fighting Against The Odds Through Mentoring

Match Success Stories

Deacon Coleman and Darvalease

Deacon Coleman began mentoring Darvalease in April 2008, and due to the trusting relationship they built, the pair decided to continue the mentorship beyond the one-year commitment. Deacon Coleman takes Darvalease to restaurants, games, church, and other local spots. Since Deacon Coleman is a retired sheriff, he even took Darvalease on a visit to the police station.

The mentorship has proven beneficial for Darvalease, as he now earns excellent grades, has perfect attendance and has not been reported for acts of misconduct. He says that he’s always ready and waiting to see his mentor and get involved in activities. Although he is only in middle school, Darvalease says he wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

Darvalease is cared for by his grandmother.

The article below was recently posted in Lawndale Community News.