One-to-One Mentoring

Our one-to-one mentoring program requires the mentor and mentee to meet for a minimum of one hour each week. During this time, the mentor assists the mentee with academic, personal, social and family-related challenges the youth may be facing. We also encourage mentors to engage mentees in new and fun activities as time and circumstances permit.

We request that the mentor visit the mentee’s home at the beginning of the mentorship to become familiar with the mentee’s immediate family members and asses the household conditions that may impact the mentee. After this initial visit, mentoring sessions may take place at a safe and appropriate location the mentor and mentee agree on.

For youth in our intensive mentoring program, mentors develop and maintain a relationship with the mentee’s teachers and administrators during the school year. This connection is established so that mentors can help monitor the mentee’s attendance and academic performance.


Group Mentoring

Our group mentoring program matches one mentor with two to five mentees. The mentor may help the group of students with homework or chaperone outings to sporting events, museums, libraries, or other culturally enriching activities. All students who participate in group mentoring must also participate in one-to-one mentoring.

On some occasions, several mentors will work with a small group of mentees in team mentoring sessions. The mentor to mentee ratio for this model does not exceed 1:5.


Blended Mentoring

Our blended mentoring model supports students using a combination of techniques: one-to-one mentoring, group mentoring, tutoring, and peace and wellness circles. We have implemented this model at The Chalmers School of Excellence, Collins Academy, Crown Fine Arts Academy, Gregory Elementary School, Herzl School of Excellence, Dvorak School of Excellence and Johnson School of Excellence. Students participating in blended mentoring have shown significant progress in recent years, and we look forward to expanding into other schools soon.